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2015-16 Killymoon Rangers : A  tribute to Leslie  Hall - from David Brown, former manager and chairman

Killymoon Rangers Football Club over the years has taken many a knock and had many setbacks, none more so, than the news on the morning of Monday 11th January 2016 of the death of our Chairman Leslie Hall.
Mr Leslie Hall
Leslie had been involved with the football club from its early beginnings in 1971 and how fitting it is that his time should end with him being chairman. If you cut Leslie after all the Man United red had run out he would have bled the blue of Killymoon. The club was in his blood he remained loyal to it apart from the times when his workload was too much or when he was recently looking after his elderly parents. When they passed on he was back doing what he loved so much and recently took over as Chairman.
As a young man, a bad knee and poor eyesight kept Leslie from the playing side of Killymoon so he became involved in the running of the club and had an even keener interested when his young brother Aaron became the club's goalkeeper. There were times, when Leslie was secretary of the club, he almost single handed keep the club afloat financially by the amount of money he brought in each week from the 'Guess the Score' that the club ran at that time. He represented the club at each meeting of the Mid-Ulster Football Association and was well known within Mid-Ulster Football.
Leslie was a straight talker and did not suffer fools easily and this was often reflected in some of the committee meetings that were often interesting to say the least. He had a desire to see the club own their own pitch and was instrumental in the club having as their home ground, the Blue Circle Sports ground which enabled the club to move forward to the intermediate standard of football. Saturday was a great day for Leslie if Man Utd and Killymoon won. The club brought him great joy and there was often plenty of banter along the line and in the bus journeys to and from matches and he in return gave up a lot of his time and energy down through the years to keep the club going.
Leslie went into hospital last week for an operation which sadly he never came out off and the shock that the club feels today is only surpassed by his girlfriend Margaret, his brother Aaron, his wife Patricia and the boys and the family circle. Those of us who worked with Leslie at club committee level will long remember a friend who undoubtedly had the best interests of the club at heart. Killymoon Rangers Football Club and the community of Cookstown will be the poorer for the passing of Leslie Hall.

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